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Your home should be your sanctuary, the place you most want to be at the end of a long day. Regan Homes understands that a well-designed space can change your whole perspective, and that’s why we’re dedicated to helping families plan, build, and purchase Northwest Indiana’s most sought after custom homes, each one thoughtfully crafted with top of the line features and high-quality materials made to withstand even the harshest region weather.

When Craftsmanship and Quality Matter, Trust Regan Homes

Building a custom home is an investment of time and significant resources, and when you make that commitment, you deserve to work with a builder who is just as devoted as you are to getting your project right. Our expert builders have the construction experience necessary to bring your design to life and build your custom home to your exact requirements.

Regan Homes is proud to put our name on the homes we build, and we work hard to maintain a strong reputation of providing superior quality among local builders.

Committed to Green Building Methods and Energy Efficiency

As a family-owned business, Regan Homes believes in the importance of considering how we impact the world around us and working to keep our natural resources intact for future generations to use and enjoy. We take steps to minimize our effects on the environment through green building methods, and we use energy-efficient designs to help our clients consume less fossil fuels now and in the years to come. Our builders also have experience incorporating a variety of energy-efficient features and green technology into custom homes.

We Can Build Anywhere

Whether you’ve already purchased vacant property, you’re considering it, or you’re looking for a lot in one of our preferred developments, Regan Homes can help. We offer homes and lots in some of the most popular communities in Northwest Indiana, but we’re not limited to building in these areas. Our highly experienced construction team can build your fully custom home anywhere in the region. And if you need help finding the right property for your needs, we can take care of that too.

Regan Homes Offers Move-in-Ready Houses and New Construction

Custom home designs offer an endless number of ways to upgrade and personalize your home to meet your exact needs and tastes. But for clients who want the feel of custom upgrades, but the convenience of a move-in ready home, Regan Homes offers several new construction homes for sale that feature finishes and fixtures hand-selected by our designers. High quality and attention to detail to give each of these homes an upscale, luxurious feel with the ease of a fully finished home.

Contact Regan Homes Today for a Free Estimate

Building dream homes is what we do, and we want to help turn your home building ideas into reality. Whether you have a completed design or just a list of requests, our designers can work with you to build a quality custom home in Northwest Indiana. Contact us today to get started.


Regan Homes can build on your lot or on
a lot from our inventory.

Fast Building

We specialize in residential
new construction.

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Eco-friendly & energy-efficient homes throughout the Lake County area in Northwest Indiana.

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Regan Homes can build on your lot or on a lot from our inventory. We specialize in residential new construction, eco-friendly and energy-efficient homes throughout the Lake County area in Northwest Indiana.

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